Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 415520
National Geographic magazines from 60s & 70s, MANY to choose from, at least 100 magazines for $80

Ad ID# 422245
Plastic Bin of Hot Rod & Trucking Magazines, close to 100 magazines $50

Ad ID# 429300
Paperback books, assorted genres

Ad ID# 429595
Hardcover Books, different choices, cooking, knitting, cookbooks & more $3.00/ea or less if buying more

Ad ID# 435307
Encyclopedia, set $25

Ad ID# 435808
Books for sale, all about Princess Diana, Please call for list of titles

Ad ID# 435835
Antiquarian Books, 18th & 19th century, Call for different prices

Ad ID# 436066
Books for sale 50 cents each, a variety of genres available, Please Call Dora at

Ad ID# 437018
Assorted Magazines for sale, Please call 226-

Ad ID# 437527
Heavy Duty 3-ring Binders - 11"x17" $10/ea, 11"x1-1.5" $5/ea, 11"x2" $7.50/ea, 11"x3" $10/ea {white or black}, Pls lv msg

Ad ID# 437793
Set of 3 South Beach diet books

Ad ID# 437794
Set of 3 Harry Potter books

Ad ID# 437795
1 Set of 4 Harry Potter books, Please call if interested

Ad ID# 437796
Many Christian books for sale, in new condition, If interested, please call