Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 361406
Gas dryer, brand new $500

Ad ID# 375414
Washer $75

Ad ID# 427075
2 Kenmore front-loader washers with drawers underneath $800

Ad ID# 430805
Kenmore front-load high efficiency Washer, dark grey in colour $200

Ad ID# 433055
LOOKING TO FIND Old-time WASHER/SPINNER COMBO, vintage, reasonably priced, will also possibly be interested in countertop washer

Ad ID# 434852
Dryer $100obo

Ad ID# 435609
Front load automatic washer, in mint condition, asking $250

Ad ID# 436241
Whirlpool front-loading washing machine, like new, asking $500

Ad ID# 436660
Dryers starting at $150, Please call

Ad ID# 437220
Clothes dryer $40

Ad ID# 437461
Washer & dryer, working fine $300/set

Ad ID# 437499
Small washer, can hook up to laundry tub $50

Ad ID# 437604
Full size washer & dryer set $250/both

Ad ID# 437652
Washer & dryer, approx 4 years old, excl working condition