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Ad ID# 388407
Sewing machine $100

Ad ID# 390611
Singer sewing machine $125

Ad ID# 423314
Antique Treadle sewing machine, good cond, 1945 JB 125056, was only made that year, VERY RARE $50obo

Ad ID# 427829
Singer leather commercial sewing machine $1,250

Ad ID# 432686
Old Sewing basket $35

Ad ID# 433886
Antique Singer sewing machine $100

Ad ID# 435801
Singer Memomatic 360K model, automatic, brand new, many included patterns, made in Japan, have all parts, plates, etc $500obo, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435802
Fast model 332 sewing machine, made in Denmark, w/ case $200obo, will sew anything, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435803
White model 880, made in Japan, fairly new $250obo, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435804
Kenmore limited edition model 16765, brand new in box, has 64 stitch functions, asking $350obo, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 436927
Sewing machine & table, almost antique, excl condition $45

Ad ID# 437685
Sewing stool, Call anytime 9am-3pm