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Ad ID# 357987
Techniques dual keyboard PCM XL15, free outs in back, all black, red lights comes w/bench, pre outs for amps, band capabilities $185obo

Ad ID# 431245
Fender Twin Amplifier, 200watt, 1 AudioPro 3000watt power head, 1 AudioPro Mixer, 16-channels w/ lots of effects, Call Ken at

Ad ID# 431246
2 Gibson Electric Guitars, 2 Bass Guitars, 3 Electric Portable keyboards, Call Ken at

Ad ID# 431247
LOTS OF CASSETTES, CDs, Records & Music Books, from the 30s to the 70s, Call Ken at

Ad ID# 431248
Record player/CD player/Radio, all in one unit, for recording records to CDs

Ad ID# 431249
Many Classical Guitars for sale

Ad ID# 431252
Music stands, guitar & keyboard stands, karaoke machine, tape recorders, CD players w/ cassette & radio, all-in-one, Call Ken at

Ad ID# 431254
Numerous musical items for sale, Call Ken

Ad ID# 431311
Thompson vocal eliminator, reduces voice on CDs & cassettes so you can sing over them, Call

Ad ID# 431318
Guitar shaped CD or DVD stand, holds lots of CD and/or DVDs, stands about 4' tall, black in colour, brand new condition, Call

Ad ID# 432415
Elka Organ, to give away, must be picked up

Ad ID# 435436
Practice your step dancing or waltz with old time Harmonica music CD's, Please call

Ad ID# 435437
Wanted to purchase, Harmonicas, new or slightly used, Auto, Valve, Harp, double keys, any keys

Ad ID# 435533
Wanted, Violin

Ad ID# 435584
Looking for brown Baby Grand Piano, please lv msg at

Ad ID# 435586
4-string Schecter Bass Guitar, Diamond Series, in excl shape, new strings, case included, c/w Fender amp (Rumble 200), used only once at home, package deal $900 Firm

Ad ID# 435682
Hammond Leslie 760 with PreAmp pedal & Leslie cable, includes extra set of brand new tubes $1,000 Firm

Ad ID# 435683
Yorkville Keyboard amp (early 80s), model iRVS (2x12's), in excl shape $300

Ad ID# 435723
Ebony Young Chang Piano & Bench, brand new condition, barely used, must be seen, paid $4,000, asking $1,500

Ad ID# 435789
Used OPPO UDP-205 4k Blu-Ray player, no scratches anywhere with Minimal use, comes with all original accessories & box, Text me on + 1 310-742-4575 or Email: [email protected]

Ad ID# 435965
Complete set of PA for band, has 6 bins w/ horns, must be seen! Call

Ad ID# 435966
600 Watt TOA head, must be seen! Call

Ad ID# 435972
2 EV monitors, 1,100watt surehead stereo, must be seen! Call

Ad ID# 436034
Wanted, Used 2-Bass, 1 Row, 3 or 4 stops (preferably Hohner) Cajun Accordion, in good condition

Ad ID# 436053
Peavey XR 600 Mixer Amp, as new $250

Ad ID# 436054
Vintage Peavey 801 Sound Mixing Board $100

Ad ID# 436273
Wurlitzer Electronic Organ, 2 manuals, pedals in good condition, asking $200obo, Stole Bench plus music books, Call

Ad ID# 436291
2018 Richenbacher 12-string, Maple Glow, brand new, asking $3,000, Serious inquiries only

Ad ID# 436339
Hammond XK1 Organ & Leslie 760 with PreAmp II pedal (includes Leslie cable), asking $1,650

Ad ID# 436340
Roland Juno Stage Synthesizer, incl gig bag, asking $950

Ad ID# 436531
59 Yamaha Double T-Board electric organ w/ bench & books $150

Ad ID# 436636
Fender Starcaster Guitar, white in colour, c/w soft case, amp & amp cord $200/all

Ad ID# 436872
Guitar for sale, Washburn, WM100 9th, only 12 ever made, in mint condition, NEVER played, please make a reasonable offer

Ad ID# 436900
Karaoke machine, c/w CDs, 100watt model from Costco, very rarely used, paid $300, asking $160obo

Ad ID# 436986
Tapco Dual 31 Band Graphic EQ, ONLY $165

Ad ID# 437186
38 Year old Washburn Acoustic 6-string guitar, lots of party left in it, asking $225

Ad ID# 437187
40 Year old 12-string Yamaha acoustic guitar, sounds great & looks even better, asking $200

Ad ID# 437539
Yamaha FE 335 Guitar $225

Ad ID# 437691
Gibson Les Paul custom black beauty guitar

Ad ID# 437692
Fender Stratacaster

Ad ID# 437693
Fender Twin amplifier

Ad ID# 437776
Electric guitar, all black, right-hand $200obo

Ad ID# 437859
Violin, 'The Messing' by the Stentor Music Co. of England, c/w well padded case $125

Ad ID# 437864
Two Acoustic Guitars, BC Rich - c/w lined case, asking $100, Yamaha - c/w case, asking $70

Ad ID# 437869
Wurlitzer Electronic Organ, 2 manuals, pedals in good condition, asking $200obo, Stole Bench plus music books, Call