Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 383303
18 Vinyl records, 33rpm $20/all

Ad ID# 414794
10 Elvis Presley LPs $50/all

Ad ID# 422511
Over 100 Records, LPs $30, ALSO have a portable record player for $10

Ad ID# 424828
200 LPs, Assorted styles of music, asking $2/each

Ad ID# 429296
Various LP's

Ad ID# 429304
Double deck cassette player $15

Ad ID# 431306
100s of Brand new blank CD cases, lots of brand new recordable CDs & cassettes, Call

Ad ID# 431314
Have lots of CD label covers & some printing & typing paper

Ad ID# 431317
Guitar shaped CD or DVD stand, holds lots of CD and/or DVDs, stands about 4' tall, black in colour, brand new condition, Call

Ad ID# 436869
WANTED, 10.5" or 7" Reel to reel with tape

Ad ID# 436871

Ad ID# 437582
KISS Memorabilia, box full of posters & more, Call for details