Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 408114
2 Wooden bushel baskets $5/ea

Ad ID# 426371
Artist's Easel, made of Cedar, new, folds up like a suitcase $50

Ad ID# 426800

Ad ID# 428474
Glass gallons & glass half gallons

Ad ID# 428711
Crochet & Knitting Kits, asking best offer, Call between noon & 9pm

Ad ID# 429562
George Foreman grill, brand new, all steel, NEVER used, 15" wide x 14" deep x 13.5" high $185 obo

Ad ID# 429596
Chinese porcelain figurines, some are fishing, big or small, good for decoration or to put up houseplants, starting at $5 & up, brand new and need to be seen

Ad ID# 429636
Large variety of handmade doilies, many different sizes $3/a piece

Ad ID# 430002
Hundreds of canning jars, older, in good shape, prices vary & are negotiable

Ad ID# 432100
Preserving Jars, sorted makes & sizes $2.50+ up/case

Ad ID# 432115
Motorola Walkie-Talkies, 40KM- 2 radios $40/each, 43KM- 2 Radios $45/each, Other Radios $25-$30

Ad ID# 432549
Cream Separator, from Delaval Company, in excl cond $250

Ad ID# 432550
2 Hand water pumps, one monarch & one beady #2 $45/each

Ad ID# 432554
35 Year Collection of Ball-type Caps, approx 150, buy 1, buy them all, asking best offer

Ad ID# 433552
Tall wooden Pirate's Sailing Ship model, 36" high x 36" long, nicely built antique ship, great decorative piece $150obo

Ad ID# 433628
Handmade lamp, made of over 1500 POPSICLE STICKS, 200 hours of work $20

Ad ID# 433894
MANY Collector's POKEMAN Cards $200 for every card that I have!

Ad ID# 433895
MANY Pogs, old, new, asking $500obo

Ad ID# 434213
Empty prescription bottles

Ad ID# 435746
Porpoises & Swordfish, handcrafted from rosewood, large & small sizes, Call

Ad ID# 435806
10 Racecar models for sale $500obo

Ad ID# 436000
Nascar Collection $2,000obo, w/ 2 Large display cases, all the boxes

Ad ID# 436161
4 Circular Looms w/ 3 different sizes, 4 rectangular looms w/ 4 different sizes, variety of hooks and different colours of yarn, also includes a knitting kit book $25, Please call

Ad ID# 436413
Wine bottle corking press $25, Please call

Ad ID# 436424
Buon Vino Minijet wine filter & filter pads for sale $75, Call

Ad ID# 436425
5 Gal Glass carboys for sale $25/each, Call

Ad ID# 436426
Small hand corking press $10

Ad ID# 436427
Wine bottle drying stand $20

Ad ID# 436474
Pint Canning Jars $5/box of 15 jars

Ad ID# 437849
LOOKING FOR Baseball cards someone can either donate or sell for a reasonable price, started a collection for my son and looking to make it our hobby, Thanks