Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 183457
Undercoating gun, professional quality

Ad ID# 340711
Wanted, Cement patio stones, approx 25, will pick up Call aft 7pm

Ad ID# 379597
Wanted, Powerhead from 115 Johnson motor, working or for parts, call after 7pm

Ad ID# 383532
Goalie chest protector, adult size

Ad ID# 399232
WANTED, varmint or target rifle, reasonably priced

Ad ID# 399744
WANTED Wartah Operators Manuals, 620 head preferably, call after 7pm

Ad ID# 399848
VHS Video Cassettes by Wizard Video

Ad ID# 400579
WANTED 215 Cat Excavator, for parts, any shape, working or not, about 1987, call after 7pm

Ad ID# 402516
WANTED to purchase, single shot 12-gauge shot gun

Ad ID# 402951
Old comics such as Famous Monsters of Filmland, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella & Blazing Combat

Ad ID# 418937
WANTED Child's snowmobile

Ad ID# 423240

Ad ID# 424855
WANTED, Acoustic Guitar

Ad ID# 425557
WANTED, Fling Jet Boat for parts, working or not, w/ Johnson 115 motor and looking for large Honda outboard motor, call after 7pm

Ad ID# 425558
24' or larger pontoon boat, cheap, that needs work, that would be good to make a good deck for camp, call after 7pm

Ad ID# 426196
Looking for Taupe Middle Console for a 2006 Kia

Ad ID# 426232
WANTED, GERMAN SHEPHERD, under 18 months old, must be CKC Registered, WILL PAY TOP PRICE FOR THE RIGHT DOG!

Ad ID# 427327
Wanted, Large Chest Deep Freezer, 20cu.ft +, not more than 5 years old, reasonable priced

Ad ID# 429369
Looking to buy, Men's Adult Heat Shield Skidoo Helmet

Ad ID# 432470
Looking for semi-auto 22 rifle w/ a scope, please call

Ad ID# 432982
Looking for a smaller Buick Regal, can be a couple of years old, good on gas, for a fair price

Ad ID# 433054
LOOKING TO FIND Old-time WASHER/SPINNER COMBO, vintage, reasonably priced, will also possibly be interested in countertop washer

Ad ID# 433062
Looking for a Cocker Spaniel or Golden Retriever, would like to purchase a male & female, prefer puppies

Ad ID# 433148
Retired man looking for any old chainsaws that don't work and need repair or just not being used, just a hobby to keep me busy over the winter, let me know what you have, I will pick up within Sudbury area, no texting please call Marcel at

Ad ID# 433391
WANTED, Enfields, Garands, Mausers, M1 Carbines, etc, Especially any snipers or parts & accessories, Looking for No4 wood-forearms & rifle wooden chests, no sporterized please, wood or rifle, reply to [email protected] or Call 1-867-

Ad ID# 433732
Needed, 4 Used rims for tire size 215/55R17

Ad ID# 433930
Triple amputee looking for small boat/motor pkg, kayak, canoe or speedboat with motor, can be older, in any condition, can fix up and use it, free or reasonable price

Ad ID# 433931
Wanted, Small camping trailer, small, older model, can be a fixer-upper

Ad ID# 433956
Looking for tent trailer, older model, possibly a fixer-upper that still pops up well

Ad ID# 435185
Wanted, Truck with gas engine, easy starter, approx 3,500HP, will pay cash, please call

Ad ID# 435585
Looking for brown Baby Grand Piano, please lv msg at

Ad ID# 435638
Wanted, 2 older furnace oil tanks

Ad ID# 435667
Wanted, Kodak or other makes Carousel Slide Projector, (or stacking style) in working condition, I'll make an offer, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435719
Wanted to buy, Sopranos, series #6 for $10

Ad ID# 435781
WANTED, Dog Houses - used but in good condition, to donate to dog owners who do not have adequate shelter for their dogs. Please call me at

Ad ID# 435813
Wanted, 2 Tires on rims, for Ford pickup- 8-hole pattern, Yard use only

Ad ID# 435830
WANTED, Boat, motor & trailer, year 2004 & up, 16-17ft w/ 40-60HP motor, must be tiller handle boat & motor, in good condition, Please contact me at

Ad ID# 435862
Wanted, 303 British military full wood rifle, please call

Ad ID# 435875
Wanted, Pacific Energy Woodstove (or similar), logs must be straight-loaded (not sideways), will remove from site if necessary & will consider other models

Ad ID# 435891
Wanted, Men's XL 2-Pc Snowsuit, Please call

Ad ID# 435984
Wanted, Computer for 2000 Chev Blazer

Ad ID# 435988
Wanted, Old unwanted Cooey rifles or any other make/condition for training purposes

Ad ID# 435990
Wanted, Old 3-pane Window, 18" x 34" approx size

Ad ID# 436077
Wanted, 4-bolt Nissan rims, reasonably priced, Please call

Ad ID# 436121
Looking for Labrador adult dog or Labrador puppy, Please call

Ad ID# 436567
Looking for Bucket seat, driver's side for 2003 Ford Ranger

Ad ID# 436795
Looking for anyone getting rid of old loose coins, would love to buy, Please call

Ad ID# 436868
WANTED, 10.5" or 7" Reel to reel with tape

Ad ID# 436870

Ad ID# 436931
Wanted to purchase, 14' aluminum boat, deep & wide, no leaks, Please call

Ad ID# 436938
WANTED, Used large beams or hydro poles & used patio stones for farm project, will pick up and pay cash

Ad ID# 436941
WANTED, Body parts for 2008 or 2009 Dodge Minivan, will pay cash or buy entire vehicle

Ad ID# 436964
Looking for Border Collie (or other Collie Breed), any age, male or female, for senior companionship, have large yard & lots of space, Please call

Ad ID# 437021
Wanted, APM 200 Stereo power meter by Realistic, will take other brands, Call

Ad ID# 437051
Wanted, THE SOPRANO'S Season No. 6 DVD, will pay $25, Please call

Ad ID# 437057
WANTED - Dried Beaver Casters, Please call

Ad ID# 437151
Wanted, 250 gallon plastic water tank, Please call

Ad ID# 437181
Looking for: Tires for motorhome, size 875R16.5 LT, Please Call

Ad ID# 437426
Looking for Mobile Home, in good condition, approx 14-16 ft wide, approx 50 ft, preferably in the Sudbury to Parrysound area

Ad ID# 437429
Wanted, 3/4 Ton Dodge or Chev 4x4 Long Box, 10-15 years of age, ready to certify, $2,000-$12,000, running condition, Please call

Ad ID# 437478
Looking for fairly newborn kitten, good health, preferably a Tabby of any colour, would come to a very good home

Ad ID# 437544
Looking for: 92-97 Ford Crew Cab, must be in great shape, willing to pay

Ad ID# 437578
WANTED to Purchase, System 3 or 486 Computer, fully loaded, older machine, please call if you have one for sale

Ad ID# 437625
Wanted, Small woodstove w/ glass door, Call Gerry

Ad ID# 437627
Wanted, Big chainsaw for running an Alaskan mill, prefer 70cc & over, Call Gerry

Ad ID# 437698
Wanted, glass blocks, any size, not many needed, Call Gerry

Ad ID# 437700
Wanted to buy, Intel 486 DX2 computer system, will buy at best offer

Ad ID# 437711
Wanted to purchase, Motor head for 2004 Bombardier Traxster ATV

Ad ID# 437717
Wanted to purchase, Motor head for 2004 Bombardier Traxster ATV

Ad ID# 437788
Wanted, Old oil tanks from home furnace, in okay shape

Ad ID# 437791
Wanted, Air compressor tank for medium duty air compressor, mine rusted through, large propane tank would also work, I'll adapt it, Please call

Ad ID# 437798
Wanted, Miniature Schnauzer, can be 2-3 years old or a pup, rescues more than welcome, or if you know where I may purchase this breed, please call