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Ad ID# 337525
ALUMINUM BOAT TAKING UP SPACE IN YOUR YARD? I'll take it off your hands, any 10, 12 or 14', Preferably FREE but will make an offer & will pick up Call Mike

Ad ID# 432063
CAREGIVER, willing to look after elderly person in their private home, Monday through Friday, Please Contact

Ad ID# 435798
Portrait Artist looking for people to draw portraits of, these beautiful portraits make great gifts, Please call

Ad ID# 435839
ROOF SNOW REMOVAL, don't wait for a CAVE-IN! WE ALSO DO: Walkways, Driveways, Emergency Heating, Boosting, Plumbing, Frozen Water Lines, Sewer Backups & More, Call

Ad ID# 436573
HANDYMAN SERVICES, I Do Sheds, Fences, Carpentry Work, Plumbing, Siding, Roofing, Lawn Cutting, Can also Remove Old, Unwanted Vehicles, (cars or trucks) as well as other odd jobs in your yard! Please call

Ad ID# 437659
GOBBO PLOWING & SANDING - Commercial Parking Lot Specialist, Residential Call-ins, Cottages/Access Roads & More! Call 705-

Ad ID# 437919
AVAILABLE FOR SNOW REMOVAL off of houses, anywhere within the City of Sudbury