Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 413659
4 Wooden/ melamine covered produce display counters, $100/ea, ALSO 2 Banana display counters, $100/ea

Ad ID# 432504
Horse drawn cutter w/ pole & shafts, mint condition $1,500obo

Ad ID# 433915
Very Impressive MOROCCAN LEATHER ORNAMENT HORSE, complete w/ saddle, stirrups, bridle, reins, etc, Stands approx 12"h in rearing position, approx 5"h x 12"l in kneeling position, Asking $75 Firm

Ad ID# 434424
Pair of brown Cowboy boots, boulay, size 10.5 $25obo, in excl condition

Ad ID# 434926
Purebred Lop-eared Rabbits, males, approx 8 months old $20/each

Ad ID# 434927
Half Lop-eared & Half New Zealand Rabbits, 2 months old $20/each

Ad ID# 434928
Mini Rex Rabbit $20

Ad ID# 435870
SEMITALE COWS for sale, good cows, Call

Ad ID# 435883
English Saddle for sale, Call

Ad ID# 436149
2 Lamb, approx 80lbs, Please call

Ad ID# 436151
Sow for butchering, Please call

Ad ID# 436152
3 Year old Black Gelding, 17hh, Percheron cross, very quiet and gentle

Ad ID# 436153
Yearling Red Angus Bulls $1,800

Ad ID# 436154
Two 1-Year old Semitale/Angus Blacks $2,000

Ad ID# 436224
32' Sprayer, 300gal $1,500

Ad ID# 436269
Manure for sale $35/bucket

Ad ID# 436270
Egg Cartons 10 cents each

Ad ID# 436336
Good Horse Hay, stored in barn $5.00/each, St. Charles delivery available, Text or call

Ad ID# 436389
Pair of Cowboy Boots, size 9, taupe in colour $50

Ad ID# 436390
Pair of black Cowboy Boots, size 9 $100

Ad ID# 436512
McBride 2-Horse bumper pull trailer for sale, new door & ramp in 2014, was certified up to 2015 $3,500 as is obo

Ad ID# 436666
Young Lambs for sale, 2 Dorper & 1 Dorset cross, Call

Ad ID# 436667
Piglets for sale, approx 50 available, end of June

Ad ID# 436672
Small square bales & round bales for sale, Delivery available

Ad ID# 436681
Pure Egyptian Horses for sale, Senior Stallion & Mare, young mare, pretty, Call evenings or text only anytime 705-626-9407

Ad ID# 436840
REDUCING HERD - 2 Scottish Highland non-registered yearling heifers for sale, 1 Brown (born April 2018), 1 Red (born May 2018), raised on family farm $950 each or best offer, ALSO, Possible sale of 6 Year Old Bull, 3 Year Old Steer, 2 Cows (6 Years & 4 Years Old), all Highland, Call

Ad ID# 436843
HAY for sale - Square bales are ready to pick off the field $3.50

Ad ID# 436883
Portable chicken coop, on steerable steel frame, steel floor, all plastic puckboard walls, layer boxes, metal roof, treated & stained outside wall $2,200

Ad ID# 436997
4 x 4 Round Bales for sale, Please call

Ad ID# 437258
Loads of Western equipment, show saddles & bridles, UTC, etc, would like to have $800 for all but willing to sell individually

Ad ID# 437463
Angus Beef Calves, grass-fed, drug-free, buy the side, cut & wrapped $4.10/lbs

Ad ID# 437464
Rotted manure $40/tractor bucket

Ad ID# 437465
Round Baled Hay, no rain $30

Ad ID# 437475
5 Muskovy Meat Ducks w/ metal carrying cage $120firm, Call anytime from 8am-6pm

Ad ID# 437535
Electric Incubator, holds 49 eggs with egg turner $120

Ad ID# 437548
Mated pair of Muskovy Ducks, black & white male, white female $35/pair

Ad ID# 437570
Hay for sale, Call