Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 101388
Pepsi pop cooler, stainless top loader, 4' high x 4' wide x 2.5' deep, requires water to work, has original cap opener, $482, like NEW, excl working cond

Ad ID# 237851
End table magazine stands & small rectangular table

Ad ID# 326448
1984 Winter Olympic Petro Canada glasses, complete set, 8 glasses for each set, total of 64 glasses $85obo

Ad ID# 331981
Several pieces of depression glass, candle holders, desert dishes, drinking glasses, cream & sugar, etc, call for more info

Ad ID# 335979
Antique rocking chair, black SPINDLE WOOD DESIGN original horse hair seat, from approx 1750-1800, burlap bottom $325obo

Ad ID# 336066
Amethyst Depression Era Glass, Various pieces $155/all

Ad ID# 359510
1800's Tall boy dresser on steel roller wheels, 2 drawers, re-finished $100obo

Ad ID# 360620
1938 Westinghouse International broadcast, cruiser radio, 4 bands, short wave, includes orig broadcast book, all orig documents, all private radio receiving licenses 1938-1952 department of transport radio division, asking $1,500

Ad ID# 370871
1890's cupboard from Scotland $125

Ad ID# 375485
Crosscut saws, best offer

Ad ID# 375486
Scythe, best offer

Ad ID# 380794
Bronze Coca Cola Dedication Plaque, 17.5" w x 13" h x 1/4" thick

Ad ID# 381561
Army thermos, 2 gallons, very good cond, Mark 2 1943 GSW Canada, asking b/o

Ad ID# 385574
Antique Adding Machine

Ad ID# 389361
Collectible wolf figurines $2-$5

Ad ID# 395142
Turn of the Century Antique dining room table set, original, refinished, 6 chairs, 2' leaf for large family, 6-legged table w/ 3 legs on each side of table in triangle pattern, floral pattern, dark shiny brown wood, asking $575, Ready To Use!

Ad ID# 399950
Cash register, heavy duty, $200

Ad ID# 403188
Apple cookie jar, McCoy make $20

Ad ID# 404466
Antique baby crib $100

Ad ID# 405440
Blue mountain pottery, approx 30 pieces, pls call for more info, best offer

Ad ID# 407290
Wide selection of fridge magnets & lapel pins from around the world, pls call

Ad ID# 407291
Royal Doulton dolls, pls call

Ad ID# 410324
128oz Whiskey bottle w/ pump, best offer

Ad ID# 412499
Antique buffet & hutch w/beautiful wood carvings, $200obo

Ad ID# 412500
Antique mirror, bevelled, $200obo

Ad ID# 412793
Box of 12 old Mason Jars, dated 1929-1951 $100/case

Ad ID# 413143
5 Glass beer steins, carved in Niagara Falls, still in box, made circa 1970s $20

Ad ID# 413544
25 Vintage bottles (pop, milk, etc) Great for a beginner who is starting to collect, ALSO have mason jars great for pickling, all dated from early 1900s+

Ad ID# 414841
1960 Hardshell vintage hairdryers $20obo

Ad ID# 416515
Antique brass lamp, 5', late 1930s, $50

Ad ID# 417414
All sorts of antiques & collectibles available, Must be seen, call for more info

Ad ID# 418732
LOOKING for a teapot from Minton w/Ariel pattern

Ad ID# 421291
Old monkey wrenches, Blacksmith tongs & old s-handle, adjustable wrenches, best offer

Ad ID# 421407
69 Comic books, Make an offer!

Ad ID# 421414
Lion's Club vest w/ over 75 pins $195

Ad ID# 422497
Collectible vintage folk art toys

Ad ID# 422502
Nipp-on Collectibles

Ad ID# 423672
Small Assorted figurine toys, 70's to 90's, could be collectibles, BO, will sell separately

Ad ID# 424242
Stand-up Coca Cola cooler w/ double sliding glass doors, works excl, 4'w x 78.5" high x 29" deep, has 3 rows of shelves $525

Ad ID# 424428
3 Antique John Deere riding lawnmowers, (1970) $500/all obo

Ad ID# 424429
Toronto Blue Jays 25th Season Stamp & Medallion set in original metal case $65obo

Ad ID# 424481
Several old collectible bottles, different shapes & sizes, best offer

Ad ID# 424739
Several older Avon collectibles $5obo

Ad ID# 425228
1876 Pump Organ, floral & leaf hand carvings, bevelled mirror glass, candle holders

Ad ID# 426685
Large very heavy, mid 1930's - early 1940's National cash register, very operative, all keys etc $235obo

Ad ID# 426799

Ad ID# 428666
Sega Genesis w/ 2 controllers, 16 bit graphics, like new condition $100

Ad ID# 428679
Porcelain Angel $10

Ad ID# 428904
Antique Chapel Chair, 63 years old, asking best offer, Call between noon & 9pm

Ad ID# 429289
Variety of beautiful crystal figurines, call for details

Ad ID# 429297
1915 Steel kitchen table w/ metal top $125

Ad ID# 429389
Several Antique AMER, CDN & ENG Clocks, dating mid 1800s - early 1930s, Serious inquiries

Ad ID# 429535
Antique 2-door dresser, rare wood $85

Ad ID# 429540
Dominion Auto Red Cherry, off of a police car or fire truck, 6-volt, in good shape $250obo

Ad ID# 429557
Older-style flashing yellow construction light, takes 2 6-volt batteries $50obo

Ad ID# 429560
Mushroom canister cookie jar, antique $20

Ad ID# 429570
Various antique bone china w/ 18k gold, complete sets, never used, some are a hundred years old, various prices, call

Ad ID# 429585
Antique Kitchen table w/ steel top White 2' deep 3' wide, 31 high, $100

Ad ID# 429591
Collection of Porcelain Dolls, like Heritage, Virginia, Artisan, Victoria Impex & many more $50 & up, make an offer

Ad ID# 429592
DOLLS Magazines, perfect shape, some patterns & posters incl, Dolls reader, Doll crafter, Dolls & many more $1.00/ea obo

Ad ID# 429593
Musical Porcelain Clowns, starting at 16"-23", starting at $45 & up, MUST BE SEEN! In very good condition, all have different costumes, Collector's call

Ad ID# 429594
2 Collectible Canadian Megan's Porcelain Dolls w/ certificate $60/ea, one - ballerina, one - painter

Ad ID# 429632
Several elephant figures & plant stands, also, Wicker elephant table, approx 2' high, best offer

Ad ID# 429642
Solid Walnut desk, 1920, made by Hespeler Furniture Co, made for the exquisite home, Call

Ad ID# 429736
Glass Pop Bottle from the Canada Dry Club Soda Company $2.25

Ad ID# 430001
Hundreds of canning jars, older, in good shape, prices vary & are negotiable

Ad ID# 430489
1800's Family Portrait "Bradley", from Nottingham, England, original gilded mat, no frame, TRUE one-of-a-kind piece! $5,000 Firm, Deliver possible for reasonable fee

Ad ID# 430490
Reliance Treadle sewing machine, good condition, needs leather cable to be fully operational, great for use as a sewing machine or novelty room decoration $150firm, will deliver for cost of fuel

Ad ID# 430491
Waterfall dresser, in very good condition, fully functional, does not have original mirror $250firm, Deliver possible for reasonable fee

Ad ID# 430495
Set of Collectible 'People of Many Lands' 12Pc Porcelain Tea Set, put out by Tender leaf tea, still in box $50

Ad ID# 430517
Older steel chairs

Ad ID# 430521
Antique saws

Ad ID# 430522

Ad ID# 430524
Milk Cans, Old Kerosene Lanterns & more

Ad ID# 430527
Tractor Seats

Ad ID# 430644
All collectibles from vintage years for sale includes many different items, Call for info

Ad ID# 430708
Vintage V-max Cigarette Roller $20obo

Ad ID# 431068
Collectable Clown, ceramic head, musical, in great condition, best offer, ALSO, a small collection of clowns, about 5-6 in great condition, best offer, all from a smoke-free home

Ad ID# 431158
VARIETY OF ANTIQUE ITEMS for sale including Dressers, Lamps, Occasional Chair, Gallons (green & brown glassware), Magazines & SO much more, these items are quality made & in great condition

Ad ID# 431315
Lots of hats, from different countries, ball caps & brimmed hats, many men's belts w/ great quality buckles, Call

Ad ID# 431316
2 World Globes, both rotate on stand, Call

Ad ID# 431424
Several 'Willow Tree' Collectibles, asking best offer, Call for details

Ad ID# 431559
Pinwheel crystal - Vase, Decanter, Butter dish, Cream & Sugar pourers, best offer

Ad ID# 431562
Limited Edition Print of 'Downtown Sudbury in 1989', done in ink/graphic pen, by Michelutti Designs, framed, retails for $175, asking $25obo

Ad ID# 431876
1930's Store Counter Scale, 10lbs capacity, made by Canadian Toledo Scale Ltd., serial no. 330766, large dial w/ all calibrations, scale approx 22" high by 22" long, very good condition, asking $80

Ad ID# 431951
Many books & records, asking best offer

Ad ID# 432547
Cream Separator, from Delaval Company, in excl cond $250

Ad ID# 432548
2 Hand water pumps, one Monarch & one Beady #2 $45/each

Ad ID# 432669
Vintage Fireman's Helmet $60

Ad ID# 432670
Vintage Viking axe $95

Ad ID# 432671
Vintage antlers, mounted, 1 pair $150, second pair $125

Ad ID# 432672
Old wooden ladders $35 & $45

Ad ID# 432677
Vintage rocking chair $50

Ad ID# 432681
African Head Mask $130

Ad ID# 432682
African mask $75

Ad ID# 432685
Old Cheese Box $45

Ad ID# 432688
Antique anvil, 500lbs, asking $2,000

Ad ID# 432702
Mirrored Menu Bar Sign with Molson Canadian printed across the mirror, from the Frood Hotel, valued at $500, asking $200

Ad ID# 432812
Pepsi cola playing cards, still wrapped, asking $20

Ad ID# 433075
Fine Bone China Dish Set, 8 place setting, white background w/ pink roses on each side, c/w cream & sugar bowl, Call

Ad ID# 433330
Toronto Maple Leafs autographed hockey stick, 1991 Leafs, asking $200

Ad ID# 433333
Wendal Clark autographed hockey stick, asking $50

Ad ID# 433336
Last Russian hockey team to play in North America under the 'CCCP' logo on stick $600

Ad ID# 433483
Crystal glassware & Crystal wine glasses for sale, new, very nice glass engravings in, Call Kevin anytime at

Ad ID# 433511
Friar Tuck Collectibles - incl liquor decanter, cream/sugar sets, salt/pepper shakers

Ad ID# 433512
Hummel Figurines, TOO MANY to list!, various prices depending on piece & crest at bottom of each, Call

Ad ID# 433513
Avon Collectibles - incl swordfish, lantern, 2 giraffes, sea horse, owl, etc, sold separately or make an offer on total package, Call

Ad ID# 433551
Tall wooden Pirate's Sailing Ship model, 36" high x 36" long, nicely built antique ship, great decorative piece $150obo

Ad ID# 433556
Antique Brass firewood log holder, 30" high x 16" wide, nice to place beside wood stove or fireplace $75

Ad ID# 433623
Handmade lamp, made of over 1500 POPSICLE STICKS, 200 hours of work $20

Ad ID# 433642
Happy Thoughts Antique Wood Cookstove $2,500

Ad ID# 433678
Collectible 'DENNIS THE MENACE' Advertising Poster, 22.5"w x 28"l, 'Dennis Trying to Bath Dog' & carpet cleaning ad $100obo

Ad ID# 433758
Sculpture, 4 Dolphins, Mom, Dad & 2 Children, wall-mounted, very unique $40

Ad ID# 433770
Unique plant/lamp/phone Holder, Chinese-made, intricate design, very beautiful carvings on legs, stands high but narrow $40

Ad ID# 433881
Antique Singer sewing machine $100

Ad ID# 433913
Very Impressive MOROCCAN LEATHER ORNAMENT HORSE, complete w/ saddle, stirrups, bridle, reins, etc, Stands approx 12"h in rearing position, approx 5"h x 12"l in kneeling position, Asking $75 Firm

Ad ID# 433914
Beautiful Collection of 22 AVON PORCELAIN STEINS, from 1980 consecutive to 2002 (when they were discontinued), cost per stein $89.95 +, will NOT sell individual pieces from middle of collection, Call for more info and individual pricing

Ad ID# 434050
Bell & Howell model 500 Projector and/or slide, in excl condition, in original carrying case w/ manual $100obo

Ad ID# 434125
1920 Satsuma Camel teapot, excl cond, made in Japan $40obo

Ad ID# 434145
ANTIQUE GUNS, pin-lock & percussion lock, 12 gauge Winchester automatic double barrel shotgun, new condition, Please call for more info

Ad ID# 434157
2 Vintage Gun Cleaning Kits by Stag, FOR: 22 Rifle & 12 gauge Shotgun $10/each obo

Ad ID# 434320
Anniversary clock $25

Ad ID# 434575
Antique Dressers, call for more information

Ad ID# 434580
Gilsen Grain/Flour Grinder $300

Ad ID# 434929
Antique steel skill saw table $100

Ad ID# 435033
Painted Scenery Collectible Plates, some have memorable sayings, 21 in total for sale, in excl shape, valued up to $100/per plate, asking $15/plate, THESE MUST BE SEEN!

Ad ID# 435392
Older preserving jars, 3 cases (12 1qt size), labelled Crown, Jewel, Corona, $5.00 per case

Ad ID# 435510
Antique chairs, please call for prices

Ad ID# 435591
Pin Wheel Crystal, 2 large/small salt & pepper, 8 fruit cocktails, larger fruit cocktail, sugar & milk, cranberry, sugar cube, pickle tray, cheese tray, butter tray, 37 pieces in total, asking $750obo, can email pics upon request

Ad ID# 435592
Flower pedal stainglass with gold metal around glass for crafts, asking $25 each, have four of them, ALSO, 4 Flower Stainglass with gold metal around them, asking $25/each or best offer for all, can email pics upon request

Ad ID# 435624
Milk bottle, 1890, good cork, approx 2 gallon $100

Ad ID# 435650
Bobby Orr signed print, 27" x 23", retail vale $300, asking $100

Ad ID# 435658
Antique wood cookstove, asking $2,500

Ad ID# 435664
Grandfather clock by Bridgeway, pure oak, honey oak & all brass fixtures, paid $3,000, asking $1,000obo, Serious inquiries only

Ad ID# 435665
Wanted, Kodak or other makes Carousel Slide Projector, (or stacking style) in working condition, I'll make an offer, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435800
Bradford Exchange collector plates of game fish, perfect for lodge, recroom or hotel, value of $200 a plate, ASKING best offer, Call Rick at

Ad ID# 435809
Antique Singer sewing machine w/ beautiful cabinet $350obo, in working condition

Ad ID# 435836
Antiquarian Books, 18th & 19th century, Call for different prices

Ad ID# 435884
Metal base Globe, 15" high, excl condition, asking $25

Ad ID# 435885
Wooden base globe, 15" high, excl condition, asking $30

Ad ID# 435913
Antique ice box, from the late 1800s, early 1900's

Ad ID# 435958
Borden's Dairy advertising clock, fluorescent, 1950's, asking $175

Ad ID# 435994
Unopened beer bottle collection $150

Ad ID# 435995
20-Piece Antique Key Set, mint condition $200

Ad ID# 435996
Nascar Collection $2,000obo, w/ 2 Large display cases, all the boxes

Ad ID# 435999
Antique Lion head armchairs, excl condition $500

Ad ID# 436076
Antique Claw, was for pickerel fishing, great collector's piece

Ad ID# 436173
Jac-Lift by Comet mechanical engine hoist (1960s), 2,000lbs cable, asking $65

Ad ID# 436174
Vintage Triple Cup Hamilton Beach Milkshake Mixer (model 24692), vintage teal green, in excl condition $500, Call

Ad ID# 436380
New Boston Bruins hockey jacket, never worn, size M-L, doesn't fit, paid $300, have receipt, but was a final sale, so couldn't return, asking $200, Call & lv msg

Ad ID# 436393
4' (diameter) WISHING WELL, 6' high, great for an ornament in your garden or on your lawn, reasonably priced, asking $250, Please call

Ad ID# 436532
59 Yamaha Double T-Board electric organ w/ bench & books $150

Ad ID# 436723
Antique boat bailer, very unique $75

Ad ID# 436777
Vintage wooden Buddha masks, dark wood, 16 & 12" long, look great together, kept in excl condition with original tags from Indonesia, asking $20 for both, Call or text for info

Ad ID# 436778
Walking cane, South American dark hardwoods, very dense and heavy, needs repair, otherwise in good cond, 50-60 years old, bought by travelling professor, asking $25, Call or text for photos/more info

Ad ID# 436783
Antique decorative chambermaid cabinet with top drawer & 2 doors below, asking $60

Ad ID# 436784
Hutch bottom-doubles as a dresser with 3 center drawers & doored cabinets on each side, over 50 years old

Ad ID# 436789
Queen Victoria Style upholstered Chair, decorative wood trim at top & on arms, burgundy/gray print upholstery, Asking $75

Ad ID# 436800
Blue Mountain Pottery Collection, 11 pieces, contact for list of individual pieces - Teapot, Cream & Sugar, Cups, Vases, Pitchers

Ad ID# 436808
Ottoman musket or Greek Kariophilic, from the late 18th or early 19th century, in good condition, long barrel, used during the Greek liberation war, asking $1,800obo, Call & lv msg or email [email protected]

Ad ID# 436844
Farm implement steel wheels, 31" diameter $150, email [email protected] for pics

Ad ID# 436913
Die cast vintage trucks from National Motor Museum Mint with certificate of authenticity, too many to list, Please call number attached & a full list can be forwarded by e-mail, All is being sold as a package deal, Price is negotiable

Ad ID# 436926
Sewing machine & table, almost antique, excl condition $45

Ad ID# 436949
Two Stoneware Moonshine Jugs, one gallon jugs, asking $65/both

Ad ID# 436950
Copper fire extinguisher, 2.5 gallon GUARDENE, asking $55

Ad ID# 436981
Electrolux Vacuum Hoses (new) ONLY $95

Ad ID# 436982
Wireless Nady bass guitar system, only used a few times, ONLY $145

Ad ID# 437020
3 Sets of Collector License Plates (front & back), Call

Ad ID# 437059
Looking for cultivators for a farm-all tractor (frame-mounted)

Ad ID# 437079
Brand new electronic RespirAide Air Purifier, model 300T, brand new, never used, paid $3,000, asking $1,000

Ad ID# 437098
Vintage irons, many to choose from $10/each, take your pick

Ad ID# 437099
Antique oil lanterns, several to choose from $20/each

Ad ID# 437138
47 Butterfly Collection from World Wide, all in glass frame $350obo

Ad ID# 437139
2 Atlas Mammoth Moths, very large $75 Firm

Ad ID# 437142
2 Coyote Rugs, 1 with Head $750, 1 Flat (no head) $680

Ad ID# 437143
2 Large Male Black Shoulder Peacocks $500/each

Ad ID# 437161
1929 L'islet Cooking stove w/ top warming oven & side water boiler, good condition, asking $1,200 or make an offer

Ad ID# 437198
2006 GMC Z71 Half Ton, Heavy Duty, Pickup Truck with Extended Cab, 4WD, Possi Traction, V8, 5.3L Corvette engine, truck has never been winter driven, 106,000km, with Boss factory stereo system, always stored indoors, truck is like brand new, asking $20,000

Ad ID# 437205
Antique buffet, 50+ years old, 2 glass sliding panels on top with one middle shelf, 1 middle drawer & 2 bottom doors with storage space $100

Ad ID# 437213
2 Antique outboard motors, one 10HP 1958 Seahorse & one 1952 Mark 20 Mercury, Please call

Ad ID# 437217
Antique brass-look 60+ year magazine stand w/ original glass ashtray $50obo

Ad ID# 437221
Antique 53-year old wooden rocking chair w/ spindles on back & arms $80

Ad ID# 437250
Grandfather clock by Bridgeway, paid $3,000 + tax, asking $1000

Ad ID# 437287
Antique cast iron bathtub w/ claw feet & matching wall sink, asking $150

Ad ID# 437328
Wade Tea Figurines, approx 30 individual pieces, asking $60/all, Call

Ad ID# 437329
Hostess Munchie Bears from around 1980, asking $20/each, Call

Ad ID# 437330
Inspector Gadget (McDonald's Kid Toy Collection), complete set - pkgs, unopened, asking $30: ALSO, Extra unopened pcs available, Call

Ad ID# 437357
Outside dog to give away to good home, part Great Pyrenese & Part Maremma, neutered, very well behaved, black in colour with 4 white paws & white-tipped tail, approx 2.5 years old, Please call

Ad ID# 437459
2003 Ford Lariat, Short Box, 4WD, Crew Cab, good oversize tires, leather interior, as is $2,000 Firm

Ad ID# 437486
Elvis Presley collection

Ad ID# 437487
Porcelain collectible dolls in boxes

Ad ID# 437519
Toronto Maple Leafs #'d printS, 'Going For More', Finetuning the Operation', 'Getting it Going' & 'B25 Squadron', all c/w certificate of authenticity $150/each obo

Ad ID# 437523
Two Captain chairs $35 each and four dining chairs $25 each, total of six (6) pieces, or all for $150 dollars, Pls lv msg

Ad ID# 437531
2007 Chrysler 300, leather seats, p/w, a/c, charcoal grey, selling as is $3500obo, Pls lv msg

Ad ID# 437568
Antique side table $25

Ad ID# 437569
Wood African carved table, mounted on decorative 3 person carved statue $50

Ad ID# 437583
KISS Memorabilia, box full of posters & more, Call for details

Ad ID# 437643
Coca Cola Collectibles - many pieces including winter street scenes, all come with certificates $200/takes all, Call

Ad ID# 437644
DRAGON COLLECTIBLES - over 100 Pieces! Various prices or all for $600, Call

Ad ID# 437683
Large globe, Call anytime 9am-3pm

Ad ID# 437722
1984 PONTIAC Parisienne 4-Door Sedan, never winter driven , approx 110,000km, new tires $4,000 plus tax

Ad ID# 437757
Dark Oak Dining Room Table w/ 6 chairs, in excellent shape, has 2 leafs, 100" long (when extended) $800

Ad ID# 437782
8 lbs Brass Elephant with tusks, excl condition $100, please call

Ad ID# 437892
WANTED TO BUY - Canadian silver coins 1967 & earlier & U.S. silver coins 1964 & earlier, WILL PAY $7 for each $1 of Canadian coins and $8 for each $1 of U.S. coins, Call