Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 388525
Satin patio door drapes, gold in colour, excl cond $10

Ad ID# 390620
Telescope $125

Ad ID# 419865
100 Gallon rain barrel, $100

Ad ID# 421444
Mosquito catcher, new cond $75obo

Ad ID# 428475
Glass gallons & glass half gallons

Ad ID# 431324
Brand new foldable clothes dryer, still in original package, ALSO, 1 Step ladder, 2 or 3 Small portable carts on wheels for pulling groceries or other items, Call

Ad ID# 431952
Electronic Cigarette w/ 3 different flavours, all in 1 kit, paid close to $150, , asking best offer

Ad ID# 432105
Pails, white vinyl, 20 L (5 gallon), clean $2.50/each

Ad ID# 432273
400-500 Gallon Galvanized tank, Call for more information

Ad ID# 433328
Toronto Maple Leafs autographed hockey stick, 1990-1992 Leafs, asking $200

Ad ID# 433331
Wendel Clark autographed hockey stick, asking $50

Ad ID# 433334
Last Russian hockey team to play in North America under the 'CCCP' logo on stick $600

Ad ID# 433547
LED Business 'OPEN' Sign, 26" long x 13.5" high, blue & red in colour, looks like NEON, still in box $125obo

Ad ID# 433756
Two unique baskets, Fair-sized (16x16) Wicker w/ genuine Italian leather $30, other is Wooden, painted in sky blue, asking $20

Ad ID# 434062
Outside light fixture for garage or barn, would also make a good heat lamp $145obo

Ad ID# 434212
Empty prescription bottles

Ad ID# 434654
Blue strobe lights w/ magnetic base, Star Warning systems, model 200ZM $115 new + tax, asking $75obo ALSO, Large blue strobe, magnetic base $145obo

Ad ID# 435468
Galvanized insulated 2.5 gal ice & drinking water pail with dispensing tap, ideal for a contactor or working crew, asking $12

Ad ID# 436236
Two 12' & four 6' pieces of 3" channel iron, new $200obo

Ad ID# 436271
Steel Barrels, 45 gallons $15

Ad ID# 436364
Two 45 gallon plastic barrels

Ad ID# 436365
2 Wheel heavy duty cart

Ad ID# 436366
1 Full Propane Tank

Ad ID# 436478
Pint Canning Jars $5/box of 15 jars

Ad ID# 436542
Alnor Velometer Junior air volacity mesasuring instrument, new cond $75obo

Ad ID# 436543
Gastech precision gas detector w/ case $75obo

Ad ID# 436544
Metal & Mineral Detector, very elaborate detector, in carrying case $250obo

Ad ID# 436696
Roll cabinet, 18" deep x 27" wide x 29" high, 4 drawers $60obo

Ad ID# 436699
Converter, 24 to 12 volt for AA, etc, Please call

Ad ID# 436806
Moulinex Grinder, 120v, 60Hz, 130watts, with attachments, like new $40

Ad ID# 436807
Large 6' x 10' Aluminum outdoor weather cover (roof or patio), suitable for multiple uses $20

Ad ID# 436936
BARRELS for sale (metal & plastic), in good condition, delivery possible, 25 - 60 gal range, can be used for shipping, burning, floating docks, etc, between $10 & $25, Please call

Ad ID# 436944
Looking for someone with a small truck w/ trailer (1 ton or less) to move inventory from Barrie to Massey, will pay cash

Ad ID# 437022
Wanted, APM 200 Stereo power meter by Realistic, will take other brands, Call

Ad ID# 437182
Several truck load binders $20/each obo

Ad ID# 437266
Nine 45 gallon plastic barrels $200/all

Ad ID# 437448
Coolatron travel cooler, for heating & for cooling, 12V DC $100

Ad ID# 437469
20' Aerial tower $50

Ad ID# 437491
2 Cemetery plots at the Maple Crest Cemetery in Dowling, Ontario, plot 36G & 36H, going price is $2,018/each, ASKING $1,800 for each plot

Ad ID# 437584
KISS Memorabilia, box full of posters & more, Call for details

Ad ID# 437672
SOLARC Full Body Home Phototherapy System, Ultraphototherapy lamp unit, Sol RX 1000 Series, UVB-Narrowband, model 1740VVB-NB, 6 foot, 4-bulb panel HCPC5, Code E0693, used for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo & atopic vermatitis (eczema), asking $500, Please call

Ad ID# 437688
4'w x 13'4"l x 39"h with 1/4" x 4' plate top with conduit and electric plug-ins