Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 376763
1-T125/70-D15 Spare Donut Tire

Ad ID# 381512
Alum Rings for Oldsmobile, used to cover rims

Ad ID# 408366
4- 205/70/R15 Uniroyal Tigerpaw tires, like new cond $400

Ad ID# 423078
1- P245/75R17 Michelin tire, only 10% wear $75

Ad ID# 423896
4-205/55-16 General Arctic Max Snow Tires & wheels, asking $300/set

Ad ID# 424573
Two 15" x 6 winter rims off of a Hyundai Sonata

Ad ID# 427961
Wanted, Two 215/60-16 Winter Tires w/ 70%+ tread left, no rims required

Ad ID# 428478
4- 185/65R14 Mud & Snow Tires, mounted on GM 4-stud wheels $150, Call

Ad ID# 428831
4 BF Goodrich LT285/55R20 All Season Tires, in good shape, 40% tread remaining $200/set of four

Ad ID# 429408
2005 Honda Accord, V6, very good condition, c/w 4 winter tires $1,500

Ad ID# 429532
4 Chev 15" Rims w/ trim rings $200/set, need paint

Ad ID# 429572
4 15" Mag rims $350

Ad ID# 432906
Four 225/60R16 All Season Tires on Chev Uplander steel rims, in new condition $500 obo

Ad ID# 433046
One- 235/75R16 Tire $75

Ad ID# 433236
Wanted, 4 Kia or Hyundai 4-bolt rims, must be 15 or 16", Call Gerry

Ad ID# 433792
Four 15" Alum spoke rims off Chev Cavalier, 5-hole, good condition

Ad ID# 434459
One 205/55R16 94R XL spare tire, 90%, new $25obo

Ad ID# 434539
Two 246/65R15 Firestone truck tires, no miles, both new (were spares), asking $250, Call aft 4pm

Ad ID# 434540
4 American Racing extra wide aluminum rims with P225/50R16 tires, Dunlop SP Sport A2 plus 5-hole, multi-fit rims, 40% thread left $350, Call after 4pm

Ad ID# 434541
Four SR-A LT215/85R16 New Goodyear Wrangler tires on brand new aluminum multi-fit 5-stud rims, tires never put on vehicle $800, Please call after 4pm

Ad ID# 434542
Four 195/70R14 Nexen Winter Tires, brand new $200, Please call after 4pm

Ad ID# 434572
Tires for GMC or Chev, Size LT 265/75R16

Ad ID# 434573
Set of 215/55R18 Tires for Buick

Ad ID# 434650
205/70 15" All season tires in good condition $70/pair obo

Ad ID# 434651
16.5" wheels, 8-stud, from Dodge van, also fit Fords

Ad ID# 434673
Brand new tires & rims, off Saturn 2dr Coupe $400

Ad ID# 434863
Two 616 Jeep rims, 5-hole, 4 1/4" centre $25

Ad ID# 434919
5-bolt Grand Prix rims & tires, 2 good tires, 225/60-16 $200

Ad ID# 434920
5-bolt Honda alum rims, 3 good tires, 225/60-16 $200

Ad ID# 434921
2 Steel rims w/ brand new snow tires, P185/65R14, Ultra Grip Ice 4-bolt, just like new $200

Ad ID# 434922
BMW Universal Aluminum 10-hole rim with brand new Akitaitimax snow tire $200

Ad ID# 435180
4 Alum 15" Rims off of a 2016 Honda Civic, excl shape, asking $125

Ad ID# 435210
Four 215/70R16 Snow tires w/ rims, off of a 2014 Chev Tracker, like new, asking $500

Ad ID# 435413
Four 205/55R16 Goodyear Ultra Grip Snow tires on GM rims, 50% good, hubcaps $100

Ad ID# 435414
One P235/65R17 New Michelin Tire on rim, Dodge $80

Ad ID# 435464
Four Rims, chrome, 18" for Ford F-150, for a 2016-17 Pickup, rims are like new, have never seen winter $2,000obo

Ad ID# 435546
Four Pirelli winter tires with 5,000km, on rims for Honda Civic $350

Ad ID# 435643
Toyo Observe GKI tires, 215/70R16 Winter tires & rims for sale, asking $250obo

Ad ID# 435725
2006 GMC/Chev Aftermarket forged racing rims w/ 315/70-17 tires, Please call

Ad ID# 435814
Wanted, 2 Tires on rims, for Ford pickup- 8-hole pattern, Yard use only

Ad ID# 435947
Four New Firestone Winter Force Tires, 215-70R15 $250 firm

Ad ID# 436078
Wanted, 4-bolt Nissan rims, reasonably priced, Please call

Ad ID# 436146
Four Snow tires, 195/60-R15 $200

Ad ID# 436233
4 Ford alum rims, 15 x 6, 4-bolt, fit Mustangs, 1980-90s, very good condition $120obo

Ad ID# 436239
245/70-19.5 Tires w/ rims, 2 Michelin at $300 each & 1 Goodyear at $150 or asking best offer

Ad ID# 436248
Wanted, 235-80R16, 285-75R16, 215-65R17, 225-65R17; ALSO, Wanted, 24.5 steel Bud rims, aluminium or steel transport rims

Ad ID# 436318
6 New All Season Tires, R225/60R16, 4 with rims & 2 without rims, Call

Ad ID# 436354
2 Sets of Alum rims, 15", off GM $100/4

Ad ID# 436385
Four Factory Mitsubishi Eclipse Rims, asking $100

Ad ID# 436443
Four 235/70R16 Goodyear Wrangler Tires w/ aluminum rims, for Ford, Call

Ad ID# 436450
Four P215/70 R16 good Radial Tires on Chev 16" rims, off of a Chev Uplander, asking $75

Ad ID# 436546
Four 226/60R17 Winter Tires on 6-bolt rims, off of a 2009 Chev Uplander $650

Ad ID# 436654
Four alum rims from a Toyota Tacoma, 2012, low mileage, 16x7x6x139.7, 2 rims out of round, 4 rims $600

Ad ID# 436765
4 Tires & chrome rims, 215/70-15, Call

Ad ID# 436766
4 Tires & chrome rims, 215/70-15, Call

Ad ID# 436768
Ford/Dodge Chrome Rims, 2 good tires on them (size 265-60-18), Call

Ad ID# 436769
4 New rims with sensors, for a Ford Taurus, Call

Ad ID# 436814
Four brand new tires, sz 195/70R14, NEVER been used, studded and ready for winter $95/each firm

Ad ID# 436885
4 Tires on rims, fits 2000 Chev Venture van, 50% tread left, 215-70R15 Goodyear Touring, asking $50

Ad ID# 436888
Set of truck tires, 225-75-16 $300

Ad ID# 436901
Set of 4 Winter Tires w/ rims, 16", paid $400 for just the front at Midas, asking $200/all 4

Ad ID# 436951
4 Aluminum rims w/ 2 new tires for a 2013 VW Jetta, asking $150

Ad ID# 436952
4 Aluminum rims for a Chev Silverado 4x4, asking $120

Ad ID# 436958
4 Toyo Snow Tires, mounted on 2017 Dodge steel rims, 225/65-R17 $350obo

Ad ID# 437010
4 Winter tires, studded on steel rims, will fit Envoys or Trailblazers $600obo

Ad ID# 437123
Four P245-75-16 Tires on 2005 Chev Trailblazer rims, 3/4 tread left, will fit Envoys & Nevadas, ALSO, have many parts for model - alternators, headlights, taillights, asking $250/all

Ad ID# 437169
Four 245/75R16 Winter tires, 50% good, on 6-bolt Nissan Pathfinder rims, look new $300, Call

Ad ID# 437170
One 195/65R15 Continental summer tire, brand new $50, Call

Ad ID# 437171
Two 205/50-17 Bridgestone Blizzak Snow tires, 70% good $100, Call

Ad ID# 437180
Looking for: Tires for motorhome, size 875R16.5 LT, Please Call

Ad ID# 437200
235/7516 Light truck tire, Goodyear Wrangler, in excl condition, only one $40obo

Ad ID# 437238
Two 205/50-17 Bridgestone Blizzak Snow tires, 70% good $100, Call

Ad ID# 437239
Two 205/50-17 Bridgestone Blizzak Snow tires, 70% good $100, Call

Ad ID# 437240
One 195/65R15 Continental summer tire, brand new $50, Call

Ad ID# 437241
Four 245/75R16 Winter tires, 50% good, on 6-bolt Nissan Pathfinder rims, look new $300, Call

Ad ID# 437264
Four P175/65R14 Brand new snow tires w/ four steel rims, for Toyota $400 Firm

Ad ID# 437278
Wheels only, off of a Toyota Matrix, 16" $25/each

Ad ID# 437289
One All Season Tire, 215/65R15, like new $50

Ad ID# 437293
Wanted, Snow tires & rims for a smart car, two 145/65R15 & two 175/55R15, 3-hole rims, Please call

Ad ID# 437299
Four 16" x 6.5 Ford 3/4 Ton & 1 Ton 8-bolt wheels $50/each obo or $120/all 4

Ad ID# 437305
Four Bridgestone all season tires, next to new, off of a VW Gulf, 195/65R15, asking $200obo

Ad ID# 437336
Two LT235/80R16 Cooper Discoverer Mud & Snow Tires, mounted on 3/4 Ton rims, very low miles, like new, asking $125/each obo, Call after 5pm

Ad ID# 437337
One Tell You Ride AT/CR861 Tire, (same size as a 235/85R16), new tire, never used, asking $110obo, Call after 5pm

Ad ID# 437338
One P225/75R15 Goodyear Invicta GA Mud & Snow tire, brand new, never used, was a spare tire mounted on an aluminum rim, c/w a cover, asking $150obo, Call after 5pm

Ad ID# 437339
Four 33x12 50R 15LT Swamper-style Truck Tires mounted on 6-bolt GMC rims, suggested offroad use, asking $240obo

Ad ID# 437340
Four P205/75R14 Goodyear Ultra Grip Snow tires, real good $100/all, Call Lorne

Ad ID# 437341
Two 185-70R14 Nexen snow tires $50/both, Call Lorne

Ad ID# 437365
Four 225/60R16 Kumho Snowtires, almost brand new, less than 5,000 km, on 16" Impala rims $500obo

Ad ID# 437376
Two 185/70R14 Winter tires off of a Honda Civic, Call

Ad ID# 437388
Four 235/55R18 Studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta Winter Tires, fit Ford, used 3 winters, approximately 60% wear remaining, asking $1,000obo, Call Rob

Ad ID# 437394
Four 245/70R19.5 Regroovable tires from a motorhome, all 4 tires are less than half worn, asking $100/all, Please call

Ad ID# 437402
Brand new spare wheel assembly for trailer, size 4.80, 4-bolt hole pattern, brand new $40

Ad ID# 437409
Four 215/65-16 All Season M&S Toyo Tires, like brand new on 5-bolt Toyota Rims $450

Ad ID# 437417
Four 16" (dia) Chrome Truck Tims, for Dodge pickup $160

Ad ID# 437434
Four 225/75-16 Firestone Destination SUV tires, lots of rubber left $160

Ad ID# 437435
Two 235-65-17 Xtreme snow tires $60

Ad ID# 437436
Two 205-75-16 Nordic snow tires $100

Ad ID# 437437
Two 215-65-16 All Season tires off Chrysler van $150

Ad ID# 437440
Two 275-70-18 Goodyear Wrangler truck tires $80

Ad ID# 437484
Four Steel rims, 16", fits Forrester, Legacy, etc $20/four

Ad ID# 437507
Pkg Deal Four 15" Mud & Snow Tires on rims, from 2000 Dodge Dakota, 31x10.50LT, asking $500

Ad ID# 437508
Two 195-60R15 studded winter tires, off Honda Civic $125/both

Ad ID# 437562
Four 265/70R17 Zeta Amartica Sport Studded winter snow tires on rims, with smart valves, off of a Dodge 1500, fits 2014-2018 Rams, 5-bolt rims, bought just last fall, in absolute mint condition, only on vehicle one month, stored in garage, asking $1000obo

Ad ID# 437563
Four 225/60R17, Blizzack snow tires, no rims, asking $200

Ad ID# 437564
Four 185/55R15 Blizzack Winter tires, no rims $300

Ad ID# 437576
New, never installed trailer tire, 5-bolt, 205/65-10, load range C $70obo

Ad ID# 437595
Four 175/70R13 Winter tires mounted on Honda rims, 4-bolt, used one winter, asking $200

Ad ID# 437596
Four Summer Tires, 2 Uniroyal Tiger Paw (175-70R13) & 2 Motomaster (175/70R13), about 80% rubber, asking $125

Ad ID# 437599
Four studded snow tires on 5-bolt rims, off of a Ford, 215/6016 $400

Ad ID# 437600
Four 215/70R16 Firestone Winter Tires with riims for 2016 CRV LX, only 4,000kms on tires, like brand new, Call

Ad ID# 437608
Four 16" Nordman SUV studded winter tires, on rims $500, fairly new, in excl cond, low mileage, only used 2 winters

Ad ID# 437611
Winter rims, 17" to fit Ford Probe $50/ea

Ad ID# 437612
Set of Sorento 16" winter rims, 4 available $50/ea

Ad ID# 437613
Set of Chev 6-hole rims, can be used as winter rims, 16" $50/each

Ad ID# 437614
One only, 8.75R 16.5 light truck tire & wheel, like new,w off 3/4 Dodge camper van, 8-stud, excl cond, fits also fit some Ford & GMC 3/4 & 1 Ton Trucks $85obo

Ad ID# 437615
Four 225/60R16 Goodyear Slalom ST M&S Tires, very good condition $90/pair or $160/all 4

Ad ID# 437616
235/75R16 Goodyear Wrangler, in excl condition, one only $50obo

Ad ID# 437617
Four steel wheels, 16", off Toyota Matrix $25/each obo

Ad ID# 437632
Four P275-65R18 Bridgestone Blizzack winter tires, 10,000km on tires, asking $475, on Toyota Tundra rims

Ad ID# 437654
Four 185/65-15 Snow Tires on 4-bolt rims, off of a Nissan Versa $125/for set of 4, Call Bob at

Ad ID# 437657
Four 215/65R17 Snow Tires on steel rims, fit Jeep Patriots & Jeep Compasses, only used 2 winters $400obo

Ad ID# 437676
3- 195/65-R15 Goodyear Ultragrip Ice tires, 80% tread $75/ea

Ad ID# 437677
2- 205/55-16 General Ultamax Arctic tires, 70% tread $75/each

Ad ID# 437678
3- 175/65R14 Firestone Winter Force tires, 90% good $75/each

Ad ID# 437679
1- LT245/7516 Firestone Transforce A/T tire, brand new $150

Ad ID# 437703
Four 235/65-16 winter tires, Call

Ad ID# 437704
Two 245-17 Tires, Call

Ad ID# 437733
Two 185/70R14 Winter tires off of a Honda Civic, Call

Ad ID# 437775
14" Winter tires, were bought new at Canadian Tire, never used, still have original stickers $120

Ad ID# 437779
Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Tires with Aluminum Rims 225/50R17, 5-bolt pattern, excl condition, off an Audi A4, asking $875obo, Contact Marcel

Ad ID# 437804
Four LT265/70R17 Dodge Tires on rims, asking $400/set of 4

Ad ID# 437806
Four Blizzack tires w/ chrome rims, off Cadillac STS, fits all GM vehicles, in excl condition, asking $350

Ad ID# 437811
Four new winter tires & steel rims for smart car, purchased in November, 2019, 2-175/55-R16 & 2-145/65R16, open to best offer, call anytime

Ad ID# 437822
Four Winter Warrior Blizzack Tires, 225/60R16, in excl condition $195/set of 5

Ad ID# 437823
Two Goodyear Wrangler 255/75R20, off of a Dodge Ram, in excl condition, asking $175/for the pair

Ad ID# 437824
Four Winter Xtreme Blizzack tires, 215/55R17 w/ black alum rims, off of a GM vehicle, asking $295/set of 4