Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 423930
New Nitrous switch for 4150 Holley carb, bolts to the side to activate the N0S at wide-open throttle, asking $75

Ad ID# 429531
Rochester Carb, 4-barrel, for Chev 305 or 350 $150, ready to install

Ad ID# 430467
Chev/GMC Transmission, rebuilt, fits late 99-2008, 4L60E 4WD Transmission, fits 4.8L, 5.3L & 6L engines, core exchange required $750

Ad ID# 433687
73-77 Ford 351 Windsor motor, rebuilt, not assembled, w/ performance parts & transmission $2,000 firm

Ad ID# 434577
366 Large block motor for GMC

Ad ID# 434618
Auto tranny off 6cyl 225 slant-6 1973 Dodge van, also front bumper, grill & other parts avail

Ad ID# 434648
Automatic tranny off slant-6 Plymouth, Dodge or Chrysler, out of 1974 van, also front bumper, grill & other parts

Ad ID# 434925
96 5.7L 4x4, PARTING OUT, drive train, motor, tranny, everything works, just frame is rotten, Starting at $100 & up

Ad ID# 435925
10HP Briggs & Stratton motor w/ clutch, Call

Ad ID# 436405
2007 Dodge 4x4 Transfer case $800

Ad ID# 436815
V8 350 Motor, c/w electronic transfer case, 4WD, under 100,000km, must be removed from truck $900 firm

Ad ID# 437081
1956 GMC In-Line 235 Engine, good running condition, complete w/ transmission, bell housing, clutch, all running condition, asking $500obo

Ad ID# 437100
302 Ford Marine Motor $850

Ad ID# 437101
Corvette 350 Motor, old block, was running $900

Ad ID# 437121
351 Cleveland, completely rebuilt by RackTech Performance, has NEVER run, Please call

Ad ID# 437769
2008 Mitsubishi engine, 4cyl, was bought at Centennial Wrecking yard for $1,200, asking best offer, 71,000km on motor

Ad ID# 437771
2003 V6 Vortec, was all rebuilt way back, computer wsent on vehicle, could not start the engine, punched out 30 oversize, has bigger injectors & mile cam, complete engine w/ computer box, asking $1,000obo (has not ran in a while), computer is good