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Ad ID# 326656
Front Bumper, metal, fits '88-'95 Dodge truck, has 2 bumperettes $75

Ad ID# 405952
Tailgate for 79 Jeep YJ, mint condition $100

Ad ID# 417636
1988-98 Chev/GM Truck Parts: Hood $80, Taillights $25/each, Headlights $40/each, 14 bolt rear diff, 6 stud with drums $350, Front GM/Chev grill, 88-98 $50, Steering column 88-94, Power window track w/ motor $40

Ad ID# 419751
Ford 3 Spd Automatic Transmission, C6 $650obo

Ad ID# 424653
14 Bolt GM Rear end, 6 stud, 342 gear ratio, out of Chev truck $350obo

Ad ID# 425225
98 GMC Cab & a half $250, must take out yourself Steering column for 98 Chev w/ airbag in column, asking $100 Motor & tranny, 350 Vortec for 4WD truck, has 300km, runs great, c/w sensors, etc $325, T-case $450, Backslider window, tinted $95

Ad ID# 426970
95 GMC Driveshaft for 1/2 ton Chev $75

Ad ID# 426971
95 GMC Driveshaft, one length, aluminum, for 4WD, GMC 1500, fits 95-98 $100

Ad ID# 427753
Rear passenger side strut for a Toyota $60

Ad ID# 427813
100gal Steel gas tank $125, saddle tank for dump truck or similar, can be painted

Ad ID# 429283

Ad ID# 430576
8' Box liner out of a Chev $40

Ad ID# 430868
8' Box liner, w/ railings, out of Chev full size box

Ad ID# 430870
8' Fibreglass box cover, off Chev Pickup 8' box

Ad ID# 431007
2 Durant Engine Blocks, 1 w/ crank & cam shaft, other w/ crank, pistons, cam shaft, L-train & cylinder head $500

Ad ID# 432541
Aluminum round fuel tanks, off transport, approx 100 gallon, good condition

Ad ID# 432849
Rad w/ shrouds out of a 1995 Chev 4x4 w/ 6.5L Diesel, asking $100

Ad ID# 433819
Tailgate from an older Jeep, (probably a Renegade), like new condition $100obo

Ad ID# 433902
2006 Ford F150 tailgate for sale $200obo

Ad ID# 434051
Jeep tailgate in like new condition (believe it's from a Jeep Renegade) $125obo

Ad ID# 434223
2 Starters for Minivans that fit 99-2005 3.1L engines, fits Montana's, Ventures & Other vans $60/each

Ad ID# 434319
Set of loading ramps $50

Ad ID# 434436
Parts for 2001 Jeep Renegade

Ad ID# 434545
2001 Dodge tailgate, no rust, black in colour $100, Call after 4pm

Ad ID# 434610
74 Dodge 3/4 Ton van chrome front bumpers, hood, grill, auto transmission, differential & much more, Call for what you need!

Ad ID# 434631
Mirrors to fit 99 - 2005 GMC Truck

Ad ID# 434645
Tailgate in new condition, from (possibly) Jeep Renegade $125

Ad ID# 434649
1974 Dodge van, 3/4 Ton, 8-stud, 16.5" wheels, suspension parts, body parts, dash, rear end & many other parts, fit numerous years

Ad ID# 434914
Assorted mufflers, all different shapes & sizes $60/each

Ad ID# 435605
2002 GMC 4x4 5.3L LT Extra Cab Short Box, can be heard running $50 & up, Call after 5pm

Ad ID# 435912
GMC PARTS, from 2002 - 2005, CALL

Ad ID# 436068
Complete 8 foot aluminum truck rack set, 2 sides are 20" high each, great condition, came off of a 2005 Chev $450, Call after 7pm Please

Ad ID# 436159
FOR A 2000 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB 4WD - Box (like new) & lots of other parts, good motor & tires, Call

Ad ID# 436207
Two Backracks for sale, 1 for Ford, 1 for Chev $100/each

Ad ID# 436317
94 GMC Pickup truck, FOR PARTS, many good parts, motor, tranny, etc, Please call

Ad ID# 436406
2007 Dodge 4x4 Transfer case $800

Ad ID# 436407
2004 Dodge 6' box, in excl condition, paint your own colour $600obo

Ad ID# 436502
Original grill & tow hooks for 2015 Ford Sport $120

Ad ID# 436545
Rear backseat for 2009 Chev Uplander, good cond $30/each

Ad ID# 436624
91-93 Dodge Dakota: Front grill, Back & Front Bumpers, asking $700/all

Ad ID# 436724
Front end parts for 49-54 GMC 1/2 Ton Truck, front springs, etc $300 takes it all!

Ad ID# 436726
Rad for 5.7L motor, fits 88-98 Chev, 28½" x 18½" with right side rad cap

Ad ID# 436785
ABS Brake Control Valve for a 1995 Chev Silverado 4x4, asking $300obo, Call

Ad ID# 436940
WANTED, Body parts for 2008 or 2009 Dodge Minivan, will pay cash or buy entire vehicle

Ad ID# 436942
PARTS FOR SALE for Dodge Minivans & Ford F-150 Trucks, Please call

Ad ID# 436948
Two new rocker panels for a 97 GMC Sierra extended cab, paid $145, asking $70

Ad ID# 437039
Truck PTO & Hydraulic pump, Make Vickers, good for dump box or etc, like new $300 firm

Ad ID# 437095
Brand new fuel tank for 1988-98 Chev/GMC with 8' box, asking $90

Ad ID# 437120
New Fibreglass Jeep scrambler tub & new old stock Jeep fenders, from 1981-85, Please call

Ad ID# 437122
Ford new old-stock front fenders, front doors, hood & rad support for 1981-85 Ford F-150, Please call

Ad ID# 437222
70s Tailgate, off of a 70s Ford truck, Call

Ad ID# 437455
1989 Chev truck parts, call for available parts

Ad ID# 437493
2 Headlamp assemblies for 2006 Pontiac Montana

Ad ID# 437524
1998 Chev 1/2 Ton parts : new gas tank, rear box, rear bumper, interior seats, hood, doors, rear & side panel push out windows, low mileage engine etc, will sell whole truck for $500 or will sell parts individually, can deliver in Sudbury for $100 dollars extra, Pls lv msg

Ad ID# 437574
2005 Chev Silverado 4x4 Half Ton 4DR, already stripped of quality parts, text for parts & price

Ad ID# 437597
1999 posse track rear end for GMC 4x4 $300

Ad ID# 437602
100 gallon diesel fuel tank for truck, 3 years old, has electric fuel pump incl $300

Ad ID# 437603
Front bumper off of a 2008 Ford F250 Superduty, asking $50

Ad ID# 437705
Sliding Back window for 98 Ford, Call

Ad ID# 437709
MANY DIFFERENT PARTS AVAILABLE FOR 91-93 Dodge Dakotas, Call for details

Ad ID# 437720
Like new box AND lots of other parts (for a 2000 Ford Truck), Call (Blind River)

Ad ID# 437768
88-98 Truck Parts, various makes & models, asking best offer

Ad ID# 437770
2008 Mitsubishi engine, 4cyl, was bought at Centennial Wrecking yard for $1,200, asking best offer, 71,000km on motor

Ad ID# 437772
2003 V6 Vortec, was all rebuilt way back, computer wsent on vehicle, could not start the engine, punched out 30 oversize, has bigger injectors & mile cam, complete engine w/ computer box, asking $1,000obo (has not ran in a while), computer is good

Ad ID# 437773
Brake late, to turn rotors only $500obo

Ad ID# 437786
Diamond-plate toolbox, fits many 1/2 ton trucks, has opening at each end w/ locks, asking $250