Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 351690
Wanted Clean Fill in Lavigne Area

Ad ID# 391765
Universal down spout diverter, from Lee Valley, diverts from downspout to water barrel $10

Ad ID# 430525
Huge variety of items for lawn & gardening

Ad ID# 434322
Weed Eater, extremely new $60

Ad ID# 436209
Shredded Manure $30/yard

Ad ID# 436392
4' (diameter) WISHING WELL, 6' high, great for an ornament in your garden or on your lawn, reasonably priced, asking $250, Please call

Ad ID# 436538
4-wheel Wheelbarrow that dumps, asking $50

Ad ID# 436569
Irrigation Pump, made by Berkley, 5HP gasoline Tecumseh engine, asking $250

Ad ID# 436837
EZ Border thin line 3.5" x 20' rubber edging, brand new in package, never used, I have 4 pkgs, includes 5 spikes in each, paid $24 each, will sell for half price $50/all

Ad ID# 436838
Stomp stone, beige, 12x12 stepping stone made of recycled material, lightweight, brand new, asking $1.75 each or all for $30, I have 24 in total

Ad ID# 436923
Garden hose, shrinks up when not in use $15

Ad ID# 436935
BARRELS for sale (metal & plastic), in good condition, delivery possible, 25 - 60 gal range, can be used for shipping, burning, floating docks, etc, between $10 & $25, Please call

Ad ID# 436985
Rainfresh Water System 2, in great condition ONLY $85

Ad ID# 437400
Wheelbarrow $25