Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 382511
Fireplace insert, takes large logs, gold glass door & trim, 2 built-in fans $850, will heat 1,600sq/ft

Ad ID# 417069
Solid Oak fireplace, 58"w, 43"h, 15"d, door with sound system turntable & storage, factory-made $325

Ad ID# 433555
Antique Brass firewood log holder, 30" high x 16" wide, nice to place beside wood stove or fireplace $75

Ad ID# 433624
Fireplace $75

Ad ID# 433771
Eastlink mantle, worth approx $160, 12" deep, has hand-carved leafs, 6' in length, asking $80

Ad ID# 435129
Woodstove $200obo

Ad ID# 435387
Woodstove, log burning, black w/ octagonal ceramic platform, piping included, purchased at Nordic Energy, Call for more information

Ad ID# 435748
Electric dark brown fireplace, 55" long x 15" wide x 36.5", needs new glass, asking $70

Ad ID# 435861
Mini Thermal Oil Furnace, asking $800obo

Ad ID# 435874
Wanted, Pacific Energy Woodstove (or similar), logs must be straight-loaded (not sideways), must be CSA approved (going into a home), will consider other models

Ad ID# 436101
Airtight Woodstove, 24" wide x 35" long, in excl condition, includes 8' of stove pipe $500, Call

Ad ID# 436408
Wood burning cookstove, very good shape $300

Ad ID# 436591
Older Cookstove, takes wood, 2 side burners, stove below, no chimney, brand new condition, worth approx $5,000, asking $500

Ad ID# 436602
Glass Woodstove, for more information, Contact

Ad ID# 436761
Glass Woodstove, c/w pipes & octagonal platform stand included, purchased at Nordic Energy, Please call for more information

Ad ID# 437162
1929 L'islet Cooking stove w/ top warming oven & side water boiler, good condition, asking $1,200 or make an offer

Ad ID# 437462
Woodstove, with W.E.T.T. Certificate & side firebox $250

Ad ID# 437498
Electric wall fireplace, large size $150, paid $300

Ad ID# 437541
Bonaventure fireplace insert, like new condition, 36"w x 22 1/4"h x 24"d, c/w blowers, glass door baffle, ash pan, etc, asking $2,000 (negotiable), Call

Ad ID# 437626
Wanted, Small woodstove w/ glass door, Call Gerry

Ad ID# 437637
Ameritage Woodstove 24"w x 6"d x 27"h $400

Ad ID# 437646
Small ice hut woodstove

Ad ID# 437732
Small ice hut woodstove