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Ad ID# 393180
Jacuzzi 1HP Motor w/ pump & Filter & heater

Ad ID# 418584
WANTED: parts for Duro double piston pump or a complete pump

Ad ID# 418586
Duro piston pump complete w/ new kit, motor & pressure switch, can be seen running, $200

Ad ID# 421670
Double piston Duro water pump, comes w/ half HP motor, pressure switch, total rebuild, can be seen working, $450

Ad ID# 433695
Duro water piston pump, rebuilt, new kit, ready to go

Ad ID# 433696
Beady water piston pump, new kit, check pressure valve, ready to go

Ad ID# 433697
3HP Gas pump

Ad ID# 436371
Deep well pump

Ad ID# 436530
Half HP heavy duty Water Pump, 115-130 volt single-phase, 3,450rpm, has been rebuilt & not used since $90obo

Ad ID# 436599
3" & 4" Water pump, commercial, Call

Ad ID# 436824
Honda water pump, 5.5HP, portable, 2" line, gas-powered, great condition, starts every time $380

Ad ID# 436969
Hoses for sale, 3" in diameter, normally used in sanitation, Please call

Ad ID# 437119
New manual water pump for well, please call

Ad ID# 437256
Looking for a dual piston pump, Please call

Ad ID# 437826
Jet pump, call for more information