Bargain Hunter Magazine
Ad ID# 407289
Kids jigsaw puzzles

Ad ID# 423671
Small Assorted figurine toys, 70's to 90's, could be collectibles, BO, will sell separately

Ad ID# 427435
Wii GAMES - Spider-Man-Shattered Dimensions -$10.00, uDraw Game Tablet -$20, All games have been tested, Call

Ad ID# 428664
Collector's Edition of 'The Street Fighter', for X-Box 360, Arcade fight stick Tournament Edition, brand new, paid $450, asking $275

Ad ID# 428665
Sega Genesis w/ 2 controllers, 16 bit graphics, like new condition $100

Ad ID# 429702
3 Dolls, asking best offer, Call between noon & 9pm

Ad ID# 431136
Rocketfish stand for iPad, like new, fully rotates for hands-free, compact, lightweight, incl iPad stand, small, med & large rubber pads, owners manual & original box $19obo, email [email protected] or call

Ad ID# 431308
3 Stuffed Animals, 1 Very large Teddy Bear (5' tall), Tiger (5.5' tall) & Large Frog (3' tall), Call

Ad ID# 431828
Star Wars electronic Galactic Battle combat game $10

Ad ID# 432986
15 Dolls, c/w little crib $20

Ad ID# 433031
25 Small teddy bears $10

Ad ID# 433896
MANY Pogs, old, new, asking $500obo

Ad ID# 433897
MANY Collector's POKEMAN Cards $200 for every card that I have!

Ad ID# 434182
LEGO Friends Olivia's House 3315, LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 3061, LEGO Friends Adventure Camper 3184, LEGO Friends Stephanie's Cool Convertible 3183, excl condition, booklets with all sets $150obo

Ad ID# 434256
7 Large plastic toy guns w/ rubber bullets & 2 smaller toy guns $10

Ad ID# 434983
PS4 GAMES INCLUDING Unchartered Series: The Last Of Us, Tomb Raider Metal Gear, Batman, Spiderman, Wrestling & more

Ad ID# 435166
2 Real fur battery-operated toy cats, paid $70, asking $15 each

Ad ID# 436410
Wii Fit Plus for sale, never out of original box, asking $25

Ad ID# 436877
Looking for, PS3 system, controllers not needed, Please call

Ad ID# 436966
Mature reliable babysitter available in the Copper st. area (preferred), night, day & weekend availability, Please call Mary-Jo at

Ad ID# 437073
ON SALE, Brand new Items - Markers $3.95, Stickers $2.50 - $3.95, Colouring Books $2.95, Pens 2 for $1, Magazines for Kids $2.95, Craft Paper (50 pages) $3.00, Please call Brenda